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I just sent this blast:

I would like some feedback from participants of the winter market…........Are the hours too long, too short, too late?? I think the market hours should be changed from 10-1 to 9:30-12:00. That last hour, from 12:00 to 1:00 is DEAD. Does anyone else feel this way? Let’s discuss it.

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I think it could go from 10 to 12, and this could be brought up in the next board meeting. 

It is very cold for starting earlier, and customers are already "trained" for 10 AM. As in any other market, if they just keep coming, those who wish to cash in on that stay set up. But here, because they DON'T just keep coming, it makes sense to break down earlier.

Albuquerque The Magazine and New Mexico Magazine; both "Upscale" publications we are fortunate to be included in, require advance notice on listings. They have received those listings ( of course. )

I like the idea of 10-12.  Although I was worried about it being too short, it seems to work at Los Ranchos.  We seem to be breaking down earlier anyway, so officially changing the time might be fairer for the customers. 

I can bring this up at next meeting. And, as always you can still stay if there's anyone buying.

Anita, thanks. I think we should bring it up. My count was 2 customers that last hour for the last 2 markets. As Jeffrey pointed out, we are leaving early anyway. I don't want to disappoint any late customers by not being there during the advertised hours, but it is really dismal. Joneve, thank you for your input too. Maybe we actually can make this website a good place to exchange ideas. thank you all. rob

I agree that changing the hours to 10-12 during the winter should be fine.  As has already been noted, if people keep coming to shop we can stay longer!  Madelyn Hastings

At the meeting this week, there was no objection, so future listings will be 10-12.

So, do the new hours start @ the February market, or do we need to continue 10-1 thru Feb?

The February Issue of Albuquerque The Mag & New Mexico Mag are probably on the stands already. I know that March was sent in awhile ago too, but yes, let's just go 10-12 immediately. Those things are not flexible but we are. 

The newspaper MIGHT clear it up.

Thanks, I'll revise the calendar


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