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Help us improve the Corrales Growers Market website by submitting your vendor information for our customers and the world to view. This is a great opportunity for you to get your name out on the web or create a link to your existing website.  As well as promote your products, and provide your customers with additional information about your operation. Let us not forget that a more informed customer makes better choices, feels more confident about their purchases, is more likely to return, and will tell others about the market and the vendors they support.

The information you provide will be posted on the vendor information tab of the market's official web page and should not be confused with the professional or social profiles you provided for the market groupsite.  A digital form has been created to collect information and easily transfer that information to the market website. Please be honest and provide all the information requested on the form, as well as a photo that you feel represents your operation. This is your opportunity to impress so don't be shy!



1.  To access the form click on the Corrales Growers' Market Website Vendor Information Form located in the file cabinet below.  The file cabinet can also be found under the Share tab located at the top of the page and the Information Form is in the vendor information folder.

2.  Once you open the form file (Word document, sorry Mac users) you will see questions and "click here to enter text" boxes next to them.  Simply click on the box and enter your information. 

3.  When the form is completed, rename and save the file to your computer.  Be sure to include your vendor name  and "vendor information form" in the file name.

4.  Next, upload your saved info form file to the vendor information folder in the file cabinet.  You can access the file cabinet below by clicking the more button or by selecting the Share tab on the top of the page.

5.  Finally, select a digital photo (jpeg) that you feel best represents you as a vendor and upload it to this site's photo gallery (Vendor photos for vendor information page) or to the vendor information folder in the file cabinet.  Again be sure to include your vendor name in the file.  The photo galleries can be found under the Share tab at the top of the page or the tab below. 



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